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Visa/Mastercard is accepted with a 3.5% fee or can pay with Cash

Spray Tans
(for all skin types)
Spray tan 1 hour developing tan ........ $25 
Legs only.... $15
Body Scrubs & Dry Brushing
(also good for preparation before a spray tan)

Natural Body Scrub with moisturiser .................. $40
Natural Body Scrub with spray tan.......................$60
Natural Body Scrub with Organic facial ............$105
Dry Body Brushing ................................................... $30
Dry Body Brushing with spray tan .......................$55
Sugaring (Hair Removal) prices from...
(**For the guys please go to the page
for all your services/pricing)
Eyebrows $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Underarm $20
Side of Face $20
Bikini (Basic) $20
Bikini (G-String) $30
1/2 leg $30
Full leg $45
Full leg & Bikini (Basic) $60
1/2 arm $20
Full arm $30 
Neck $15
Shoulders $20
Back $45
Chest $40
Stomach $20 
Stomach Line $10
(*must shower just before appointment)
Women ..... $50
Men .........$70

* Please note all these are prices for 1st time and every 4 week rebooking, if you leave it longer to come back for waxing there is an increase of $$ at 6 weeks and $$ at 7  weeks.(ask me for the individual costs) ....... this is due to more time and product need to get out hair that has been shaven or left too long. Thank you.  

Brow & Lash Tinting
Eyelash Tint $20
Eyebrow Tint $15
Eyelash & Eyebrow $30
"Eye Enhancer"  Eyelash, Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Wax $40  

Organic Enzyme Exfoliant Treatment Facial...$70

(block off 1 hr for consultation & facial)

Organic Peel & Enzyme Exfoliant Treatment Facial...$90

(block off 1 hr for consultation & facial)

**Important: must not go out in sun for 10days after facial and always wear sunscreen and a hat

Ka Huna Bodywork/Massage ... $80
Ka Huna Pregnancy Massage ........ $85
Holistic, Deep flowing form of Massage for relaxation and letting go of stress, pent up emotions. 
(block of 1hr 20min for consult and massage)

Polynesian Floorwork/stretch....$50

fully clothed full body stretching techniques, great for gym goers/dancers/ footballers and every beautiful body.

(block off 50min for consult and treatment)

Aroma Touch Therapy... $49

Needing to relax and unwind, been fighting colds/flu, stress in your life and want some balance in mind & body? Try an "Aroma Touch Therapy" session.  A hands on therapy using certified pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils, working the back and feet for best absorption. with a FREE foot massage For a relaxing and therapeutic treatment this is for you.
(Block off 45min for appt for prep and treatment) 

Simply Nails

Basic Manicure (with Polish) $35.......Upgrade to Gel $45

Spa Manicure-polish this is the full shebang with scented soak, scrub, mask, moisturising massage...$50     Upgrade to Gel $60

Basic Pedicure (with Polish) $35........Upgrade to Gel $45

Spa Pedicure-polish this is the full shebang with scented bubbling spa soak, scrub, mask, moisturising massage .....$50 

Upgrade to Gel $60

Soak off with Mini Manicure (polish) $45

Soak of gel only ....... $15

Package: Basic Manicure &  Pedicure................. only $65

 Please Note: Due to Work, Health & Safety, this is an Adult Only Retreat.

All Bronzed Up reserve the right to amend prices at any time and prices may vary depending on area required to be treated and will be quoted prior to commencement

 Cancellations and/or Running Late Policy

  I understand we all lead very busy lives and I will always make myself available (during business hours) so to make sure no one misses out on their appointment I just ask that if you cannot make an appointment or running late by more than 5-10 minutes to call me so I can help you with rescheduling so you don't miss out on getting your appointment and the client after you isn't inconvenienced either.
Concern Policy
 Any concerns about a tan/treatment you receive from me please do not hesitate to contact me so I can assist to rectify/eliminate your concern.  For any tan concerns I ask that you get back to me within 2 days so I can see what has happened and if so do a respray otherwise I won't know how to fix it or learn from the experience as there are many reasons why a tan may not take etc like for example did you know that for some women that 2nd week between periods (the week where if you were trying to fall pregnant) for some women the tan doesn't take and should be avoided, now this doesn't happen to everyone just something to keep in mind.  Also some medications, pregnancy hormones, puberty can affect a tan, again this may not happen to everyone and it may not happen all the time, just keep it in mind.

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