All Bronzed Up

Aromatherapy..... it is true that Aromas can reach deep down inside us, and influence us in profound ways. "Aroma Touch therapy" is far more than just beautiful smells, "Aroma Touch Therapy" has proven useful in restoring the body’s lost homeostasis and hence revive it to a healthy and functioning state. This therapy has been found to be effective in alleviating the negative impact of the environmental and other physical stressors on the body. A rejuvenating technique, the oils used in "Aroma Touch Therapy" have medicinal and healing properties. The oils are either used individually or in an effective blend. The doTERRA essential oils chosen for "Aroma Touch technique "are carefully selected for its specific aroma and therapeutic benefit.  The session is for 35min on the massage table while I work the oils into your back and feet for best absorption whilst listening to relaxing music in a harmonious environment.

$49 ...... (block off 50min for consult & treatment)

"After years of having it on my wishlist, I finally got to have an AromaTouch therapy session and it was lovely! As a recent lover or dōTERRA essential oils it was a great experience which was super relaxing (pretty sure I fell asleep) and made me feel revitalized and relaxed. Thanks again Vikki for another wonderful service x" Mrs R.

You can also Order doTERRA essential oils from me, just call or text me on 0410 435 377 to place an order or JOIN my doTERRA Team to take advantage of the wholesale prices

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