All Bronzed Up



Mini Skin Cleanse

Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise comes with a shoulder and neck massage......$35

Full Skin Cleanse

Cleanse, exfoliate, Face massage, Mask & moisturise, comes with a neck and shoulder massage....... $55


I understand that waxing is a painful experience which is one of the many reasons why I use Pharo Sugaring..... made from sugar, Manuka honey, kiwi fruits extract and aloe, it's anti-bacterial , anti inflammatory and calming. Some Facts about Male hair removal

* the male epidermis is up to 20% thicker than the female.

* Males have less nerve endings close to the skin, and thus feel less pain than women

Brow Tidy from.......$10         

Cheeks from .....$12

Neck (front or back) from .....$15


Shoulders (from) ....... $10   Upperarms (from).....$20

Lowerarms (from) ...... $20   Full arms (from)  $35

Hands $10

Lower Body

Speedo (from)....$20       Buttocks (from)......$15

Full leg (from) ......$50    Lower leg(from)......$30

Upper leg  (from) .......$30   Feet (from) ......$10

Male Brazilian $70 (must shower just before appt)

Upper Body

Half Back(from)....$25     Full Back (from).....$45

Chest (from)........$40    Stomach(from)......$30    Chest & stomach $60

* Please note these are prices for 1st time and every 4 week rebooking, if you leave it longer to come back for waxing there is an increase of $10 at 6 weeks and $20 at 8 weeks. this is due to more time and product need to get out hair that has been shaven or left too long. Thank you. 


Hands say a lot about a man.  You spend all day shaking hands with clients, colleagues and friends. For a well groomed man we do a clip, file, cuticle tidy, buff and moisturising hand massage....... $25

Feet Care

We can't expect feet to be beautiful but we can make them presentable. A clip, file, cuticle tidy, buffed followed by foot and lower leg massage to relieve tension......$25


Ka Huna Massage

A traditional Hawaiian/Polynesian massage, a deep flowing form of massage. Traditionally practised in Hawaii as a one of the Kahuna healing arts and part of the rite of passage for young men. Ka Huna will relax and revive you.      

1 hour ....$80

Aroma Touch Technique

Feeling run down, lethargic, this relaxing process will help restore your body back to normality. CPTG essential oils applied and worked into the Back and Feet. The specific oils chosen cover inflammation, homeostasis, immunity and stress. This process is 35-40 minutes long and comes with a FREE foot and lower leg massage........ $49

Polynesian Floor Work (Stretching)

A fully clothed, bodywork using stretching techniques to improve openness, flexibility and wellbeing.

It is thought to reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the skin, aid digestion and influence the nervous system.

"Polynisian Floor Work/massage is excellent for people who Workout regularly, play Sport or dance, who need that extra stretch plus this is an excellent way to maintain wellness and improve vitality."

You will feel longer, leaner, lighter and balanced. This form of bodywork/massage is available for every beautiful body.

block off 1hr of time .................. $55

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