All Bronzed Up uses Aviva Labs spray tan products

contain only the safest ingredients that are approved

for use by the FDA. Unfortunately there are still many

solutions which contain "Brown HT" (also called

Chocolate Brown HT,Brown, Caramel, Food Brown 3,

and C.I. 20285). Brown HT is a brown colour,

petroleum-derived, coal tar and azo dye.


Brown HT has such potentially dangerous health

 risks that it has been banned in the US, Canada,

Japan and most European countries. Surprisingly,

it has not yet been banned here in Australia and is

still found in many spray tan solutions. Brown HT

can induce hypersensitivity, and skin ailments

including eczema, dermatitis, itching, rashes, and

hives. It can also cause bad reactions in people allergic

 to aspirin and has been known to induce allergic

reactions and asthma


Aviva Labs only uses food-grade colorants that

are mixed in a proprietary ratio to develop the bronzer.

They are widely used in the foods and drugs that we