YES we are going to have "that" conversation:
some people, girls and guys, suffer from ingrowns,
sometimes occasionally sometimes alot, so here
 is some advice for looking after this area (ps this
 after care goes for everyone)

1. hygiene, hygiene.... shower straight away
 after Gym or Sex

2. what are you washing with? use natural products
3. change your underwear, if you wear tight
g strings alot alternate to bikini briefs to give
that area a breather.
4. what do you wash your underwear with, is it a
sensitive clothes detergent, better still, natural,
don't use fabric softener.
5. do you have an antibacterial wash for that area
6. do not over exfoliate that area
7. do not pick or scratch at ingrowns, you are
 just adding bacteria to the area and causing
and spreading  more infection
8. do not spray perfum or deodrant or anything
 in that area, it will cause irritation.
9. bring loose panties/pants to wear after
 your brazilian
10. no sex within 24 hrs after a brazilian

(or get creative so no rubbing).
I hope this advise will help with any ingrowns.
Love your beauty Diva, Vikki xx